Good news! I finished the book Arcadia Falls, which I was stuck on this book for about 3 weeks.. I'd say I made a lot more progress on books I've read this 9 weeks than I did the last 9 weeks, which is awesome. One thing I've noticed as these 9 weeks come to an end is that I read book series much quicker than I do with individual books. A reason I think this might be is because in series of books, I feel more obligated to continue the story and hastily move on to the next book. And more often than not, I find myself enjoying the story more if I am reading books from a series.

For my AP book that I read, I decided to read the Lord of the Flies, which I thought to be an interestingly unique story to me. Lord of the Flies takes place in a time period where the world is in war, and the story is about a group of young boys of varying ages who are left on a deserted island after their plane had crashed. And oddly enough, no females, or adults were left on the island with them. With limited knowledge and no adults the kids are forced to survive together, and as they run in to troubles, they slowly become savages. In the book a line caught my attention as it showed how the boys developed a culture similar to the one that they left behind after arriving on the island. ""We've got to have rules and obey them. After all, we're not savages. We're English, and the English are best at everything.""(40). In this line, I saw how even though they had become wild and free, they still unconsciously have become inclined to the culture they had left behind as they governed themselves and made rules.


  1. I enjoyed your blog. I liked how you said you finish reading when you are doing a series. I feel somewhat the same about that and once i finish a series, it's like an accomplishment because of how long the series was. I liked how you embeded he quotes and like the quote about laws because without those laws, we would all be savages.


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